Test Your Bible Knowledge About Godly Wisdom

Choose one (option button) answer for each question, then select the "Check Your Answers" button at the end of the quiz.

Be sure to read up on the scripture references provided, after finishing and grading the quiz. Some require scrolling to the right to see. Enjoy!

1.) The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is
a.) the beginning of wisdom
b.) the instruction of wisdom
c.) the beginning of knowledge
d.) all of the above

2.) Understanding is defined by the Scriptures as being the product of
a.) a solid education
b.) a naturally high I.Q.
c.) departing from evil
d.) all of these

3.) The Bible states that godly wisdom is more valuable than
a.) gold
b.) silver
c.) rubies
d.) all of these

4.) According to the Bible, anyone who always has a lot to say is
a.) obviously intelligent
b.) a fool
c.) in bondage to sin
d.) b and c, but not a

5.) The Scriptures declare that a person that trusts in his own heart is
a.) wise
b.) faithful
c.) a fool
d.) a and b, but not c

6.) The Bible plainly states that a strongly opinionated person is
a.) a fool
b.) a trustworthy guide
c.) full of knowledge
d.) insightful

7.) According to the Bible, the entire duty of man is to
a.) love family, and worship God the way you feel is best
b.) stand for what you feel is right
c.) be a friend to your fellow man
d.) fear God, and keep His commandments

8.) According to the Scriptures, when most people speak well of you, it's an indication of
a.) God's blessing on your life
b.) your righteous dealings with others
c.) your self-centered, deceitful way
d.) a and b, but not c

9.) The Bible says that a beautiful woman without godly virtue and wisdom is like
a.) a dream when one awakens
b.) a diamond in the rough
c.) a jewel in the gutter
d.) a jewel of gold in a pig's nose

10.) The Scriptures tell us that someone who flatters another is like
a.) a good medicine
b.) someone setting a trap for  a person
c.) a merry song for the heart
d.) a and c, but not b

11.) The Bible says that it's cruel to discipline children with physical chastening.
True False

12.) The Scriptures state that  even a fool is considered wise when he keeps his mouth shut.
True False

13.) According to the Bible it's  morbid and mentally  unhealthy to think often of death.
True False

14.) We are told in the Bible that someone who is prone to speaking quickly has less hope than a fool.
True False

15.) The Bible tells us that someone who is void of godly wisdom has joy in believing erroneous things.
True False

16.)The Scriptures declare that we should always respect the opinions of others.
True False

17.)The Bible says that financial prosperity is usually an indication of God's blessing on one's life.
True False

18.)We are informed by the Scriptures that people with godly wisdom are afraid of God.
True False

19.)The Bible tells us that God accepts the prayers and worship of all who approach Him.
True False

20.)The Scriptures say that everyone who talks about the Lord often, is someone who loves God.
True False


"For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, ..."
(I Cor.12:13)

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