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"And they overcame him by the blood
of the Lamb, and by the word of their
testimony; and they loved not their
lives unto the death" (Rev. 12:11).


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I am looking for a Bible believing Church
that can give me Biblical answers to my questions. I am looking for scriptural answers not conjecture. I have posted these questions to some and the answer I got was: "These are good questions and I admonish you to find a Bible believing church in your area". So now the search is on to find a Bible believing Church with a caring spirit and the question is: Are you in that Church?

Here are my questions?

1.. Where in the scripture does it say we lost heaven?
2.. Where does it in the scripture say we need to be saved to go to heaven?
3.. Where is the scripture that says we are saved from hell?
4.. Where in the book of Genesis does it say they eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil the will go to hell?
5.. Where does it say if they eat of the tree they will lose heaven?
6.. Where doe it say in the scripture that the wages of sin is to lose heaven?
7.. Is the wages of sin hell or death?
8.. Does the scripture say the death means hell?
9.. Did the Old covenant ever allude to people needing to make sacrifices to get to heaven?
10.. Did all people who were not Jews go to hell before the New  Covenant...scriptural answers, please?
11.. Why is the word hell not used until the book of Deuteronomy if it was so important and in that scripture it is talking about how low Gods anger would burn?

1. Where in the scripture does it say we lost heaven?

- Eph. 2:12; (Without hope says it all.) I Cor. 15:22 (spiritual death [alienated from God, which includes the second death, or the lake of fire] - spiritual life [reconciled to God)

2. Where does it in the scripture say we need to be saved to go to heaven?

- Acts 5:32 (repentance and faith result in the holy Ghost baptism.); Titus 3:5 (holy ghost baptism saves us from our previous sins, and give us power to do the will of God form our heart); I Jn. 2:15-17 (Doing the will of God saves us unto life eternal.)

3. Where is the scripture that says we are saved from hell?

- Rev. 20:6 (the second death is the lake of fire, the final end of the
disobedient.); Mat. 25:31-46 (The faithful will be spared from the fate of the disobedient.)

4. Where in the book of Genesis does it say they eat of the tree of the  knowledge of good and evil the will go to hell?

- Gen. 2:17 (Not only natural death, but also spiritual death, which is alienation from God and His presence; and there's only one other place to end up.)

5.. Where does it say if they eat of the tree they will lose heaven?
- Ditto

6. Where doe it say in the scripture that the wages of sin is to lose heaven?

- Rom. 6:23 (Again, death means spiritual death as well as natural death, for the disobedient, as is demonstrated by previous scriptures.)

7. Is the wages of sin hell or death?

- Rev. 6:8; Rev. 20:14 (Death and hell go hand in hand. If one isn't "made alive" spiritually in this life, he has no hope of being in the first resurrection, or the "resurrection of life." - Jn. 5:28,29)

8. Does the scripture say the death means hell?

- There are four different usages of the word "hell" in the Bible. The old
testament hell is from the Hebrew word "sheol," and always means "the place of the dead," a very general definition. The N.T. shows "hades," which also refers to the place of the dead, generally. "Geenna," which is a reference to the lake of fire. "Tartaroo." used only once in II Pet. 2, refers to the lowest abyss of the lake of fire. For the "death" issue, look at questions and answers for #1 & #7.

9. Did the Old covenant ever allude to people needing to make sacrifices to get to heaven?

- Heb. 9:6-14; Heb. 10:4; (The old covenant could only offer a figurative
remission of sins, and those who were sincere did make the proper sacrifices as being obedient to the law and the system that God ordained for that time. And obedience has always been the standard for attaining unto eternal life.)

10.. Did all people who were not Jews go to hell before the New
Covenant...scriptural answers, please?

- Rom. 2:12-16 ("For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law:" - Israel was the only nation under the law of God. Only God can say who perished "without law" and who didn't.)

11. Why is the word hell not used until the book of Deuteronomy if it was so important...

- I'm sure that only God could answer that question. After all, I didn't author or write those books; and the men who did, whom are dead, were writing under the inspiration of the holy Spirit from God. I doubt that they could answer the question either.

... and in that scripture it is talking about how low Gods anger would burn?

- (Deut. 29:18-21; Isa. 5:12-14; Heb. 10:28-30; II Pet. 2:20,21) God's greatest wrath is reserved for the disobedient among His own people, which is a common theme throughout the scriptures, for those of the O.T. and especially for those of the N.T. That is why the Apostle Paul said that N.T, believers should "work out [our] salvation with fear and trembling" (Philip. 2:12).

HI Lary, i thank God for finding your site because you have spoken the truth on the true oneness of god. It seems to me tha satan is distroying people with the trinity and jesus only doctrines, my problem is that i live in brockton MA and i cant find one church who believes in the truth, please if you can help me find a church to go to God will repay you for me.

Hi Nate,
Thanks for writing. This truth is extremely rare as is all truth, and to my knowledge there is nowhere that is preaching nothing but the truth. The best thing that you can do is to really seek God for a direction and wait patiently on Him. Actually you are better off staying alone and being led and taught by God's Spirit, and worshipping Him freely on your own, unless and until He clearly leads you somewhere. The services that I hold in my home are only attended by a few people, but the Spirit of truth that ministers to us is pure and whole; and I would rather "be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud!" (Prov. 16:19). I would be glad to call and talk if you like, just let me know when I can reach you. Also I am currently working on a study guide on the truth of the Father and the Son, and I'll send it along to you as soon as it is completed. I'm sorry I can't help any more than this at the moment, but there just isn't anywhere to tell you to go that I feel would be more benefit than harm. Hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. Did you read our gospel tract called "In The Beginning"? It is the companion tract to "The True Oneness of God." In case you didn't see it on the site, the link is below.

In The Beginning

I am an Apostolic female who is struggling very much with depression, head aches, etc, and I would like it if you would please pray for me. I am having trouble finding a church or going to the one I have found. Please email me back. I need all the help I can get cause I am at a Baptist college on my own. Thanks and God Bless

I'm glad you wrote, and I have just finished laying my hands on the computer screen on your e-mail and praying for your problems. I had some serious headache problems several months ago, and actually ended up in the hospital. Through much determination of faith, God mercifully healed me of the problem. I wasn't having the depression, but I did go through a horrendous depression in 1979-1980, from which the Lord delivered me, when I finally let Him have the reins of my life. Maybe you are having probems finding somewhere to worship the Lord freely, because God isn't leading you to the places that you've been. I really think that you should just be still and seek the Lord diligently for a direction, and don't move until He clearly shows you if and where to go. It may be that for the time being, you may be better off not going anywhere, but just concentrate on listening for the leading of the still small voice of the Spirit of God, and getting your mind and spirit in harmony with that. I'm going to continue praying for your situation, and will bring you up for prayer at the service that I hold in my home on Friday's, which is tonight. Also, the Lord was giving me some good leading on healing during the time that I was having the headache problems, and He brought forth some potent messages in our home services. I would be glad to send you a cassette copy of one or two of our meetings during that time if you would like. It's for sure that the truths that God was focusing my mind on, were what pulled me out of my problems with my head. Just send me a mailing address if you are interested, and I'll send something along. And you don't have anything to be afraid of, as I don't take advantage of mailing addresses by sending a bunch of stuff after I've gotten an address. I don't give addresses to anyone else either. I say these things because I know how a lot of ministries operate, doing exactly the things that I've just said that I do not do. I would just like for you to be blessed by the same truth that has blessed me. Hope to hear from you, and God bless.

Thanks. I once did feel the Holy Ghost very strongly in my life, but I now have no teenage Apostolic friends to help me through these times, or to hang out with. My group of friends I feel is going through depression, and I feel like Jonah, just throw me out of the boat, and your problems will go away. God tells me to do things, and it is hard for me to follow through. Your testimony is awesome. I cried while reading it. It is sad that people don't think that miracles don't happen now adays. I used to go to bro. Steve Pixler's church, if you know where it's at. Most of the time I will tell people where I went, and they are like really?? That's a good church. :) There is an Apostolic church here, where I did feel God's presence strongly. I cried and the pastor even prayed over me. I just am intimidated by it's size. It only has about ten people or so in it. I know that kind of intimidation is only from the devil, so I think I will go this Sunday. Please tell me what you think. Thank you. -Ana-

Hi Ana,
It's great to hear back from you! I told the people at our prayer meeting earlier tonight about your situation, and requested prayer for you. I also had some good prayer for you earlier, and I'm really hoping that God will move for you in a special way. It may sometimes seem difficult to act on what God leads us to do, but it always leads to peace and confidence when we are obedient. On the other hand, if we take what seems to be the easier way, it always leads to the opposite of peace and confidence. In regard to friends, the only true friends are the ones who influence us and are influenced by the way of holiness. One or two true friends are worth more than a thousand that are otherwise. If our hearts are after God, as yours sure seems to be, then sometimes we will go through times where we learn a little about the loneliness and isolation that Jesus felt. But if you stay determined to follow after God, He will eventually bring you together with people who will have been worth the wait.

I wish you had a dozen of the greatest friends, but maybe God is bringing you through a time like this for a very wise and good purpose that will later be revealed to you. Read this sobering passage from Lamentations, written by a man who knew the meaning of being alone with God, including in his youth: "It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth. He sitteth alone and keepeth silence, because he hath borne it upon him. He putteth his mouth in the dust; if so be there may be hope. He giveth his cheek to him that smiteth him: he is filled full with reproach. For the LORD will not cast off for ever:" (Lam. 3:27-31). My perception of you is that you are a very dear girl to the Lord, and I truly believe that His hand is with you for good, even though you may not always feel it. We can't always understand why things are what they are, but we can trust that God is in control of all things, and is working all things for the good of those who will trust in Him for doing so (Rom. 8:28). As far as the services that you attended, the only advice I have at this time is what I wrote in the previous e-mail. I do know that God is calling His people out of all Christian denominations, including the Pentecostal ones, in order to be truly free to worship Him in Spirit and in truth; apart from the traditions of men which have long been accepted as truth, but not by God. I don't know anything about Steve Pixler's congregation. Is it something in the Louisville or Sou. Indiana area? I live in Louisville, KY. I hope I've helped in some way, and my offer to send some really good gospel stuff from our meetings still stands. Anything I send out is free of charge, and stays that way. Anyway, I'm hoping and praying that God blesses you in a really big way Ana, and that you let Him do it! You're always welcome to write. I'm always available to honest hearted believers like yourself, to be of whatever service I can be in Christ.

Hi Lary, i recieved your e-mail and i guess your right in saying wait on God. well i would love to speak to you and i was hoping we could have a bible study over the phone somtimes, you can call me pretty much any time because i do a home base business full time so i'm pretty much free most of the time. please call me as soon as possible so we can start a bible study. If you can give me a call this monday it would be fantastic. Again thank you for replying to me and i hope to hear from you soon Sincerely, Nathaniel thank you and may God bless you.

Hello Lary,
Thanks. I would like to listen to the tape. You believe in watching the televison?
Sincerely, Ana

Ana, I believe in being true to our conscience as well as to the commandments of God. There are a lot of things that are just a matter of us dealing with the convictions of- our own conscience. Romans 14:22 addresses this issue like this: "Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth." In other words some people can do certain things without their conscience bothering them, and others may not be able to do likewise in the same thing. So as the scripture states, if we do so, then we should keep it to ourselves so that it won't be a stumbling block to someone who is not able to do the thing that we may allow ourselves to do. With that said, there are obviously plenty of things on TV that are not pleasing to God, and anyone can spend more time than they should on any earthly thing. I just believe in using good sense in all things, and staying sensitive to the conscience and to the leading of God's Spirit. I can generally feel it when I shouldn't be doing a thing, but I'm not going to be judged of another man's conscience either, as the scripture also states (I Cor. 10:29). So we don't want to use liberty as an excuse for excess and sin, but we don't want to be under bondage to commandments of men either. I hope that helps some, but if it's not clear enough, then I'll try again:) God bless.

So, I understand from some reading I did either at byonespirit or anothere website that the "policy " is not to find fault with the celebration of Christmas?What think you? Also - abortion- I have believed against it. Your thoughts on
this? Thanks. God bless you.

Hey Sheshan,
Nice to hear from you. You must have read that on another website, as I don't have anything on my site addressing those issues. Christmas would fall into the
category of things that are just a matter of personal preference, like the things that the Apostle Paul referred to in Rom. 14, I Cor. 8, and I Cor. 10; where he instructed believers not to condemn one another for their preferred practices that didn't bear moral weight, either for good or for evil. Meats and such things were the main focal point of his discussions, but many other things can fall into the same category. Christmas is what one chooses to make it, or not make it. We're not better for keeping it, or worse for not keeping it; and vice versa. The main point is that we do what we do, as unto the Lord. Abortion is obviously a wrong moral practice, at least in almost all cases. I wouldn't say that there is absolutely no circumstance where it might be acceptable to God, but it would certainly be a rare circumstance. It isn't however an issue that believers should be crusading about, as doing so would put us into the social issue/political
realm of things; and the Apostle Paul admonished us not to be "entangled with the affairs of this life." I could have added a lot of scripture, but I'm pressed for time now, and I'm going to have a very busy weekend, so I thought I would just send this short note along at the moment. I hope it helps some, and if you would like to discuss it further sometime, that would be fine.

I find it difficult to separate issues of faith and politics because they both involve how our society lives and the things that are acceptible.

Actually Sheshan it's impossible to mix faith and politics because "our society" is not of this world (Jn. 18:36; Jn. 17:14; Pilip. 3:20). It's things like politics that the Apostle Paul was referring to when he cautioned Timothy to not be"entangled with the affairs of this life" (II Tim.2:4). The affairs that we should be involved in and given to are the affairs of the kingdom of God, meaning the work of the Gospel. Warring against things like abortion, drugs, racial strife and the like is akin to trying to cure the cause of headaches with tylenol. I'm glad that there are worldly institutions that deal with these issues, and I'm certainly glad for the good they are able to do; but at best it's still just superficial, temporary help. We have the actual cure, which is the deliverance power of God, and that is where God wants all of our labors to be. The body of
Christ has been distracted from this divine commission to some extent by being minded to tending to "the affairs of this life," instead of focusing fully on the affairs of God, meaning divine deliverance, healing, love, holiness, etc. So it's good that there are people trying to help in these issues, it's just not in our job description in Christ, and it is counter productive to faith and power with God to join that fight. I'm glad you decided to continue the discussion. It's always good talking about the good things of God with believers thereof. 
In Christ,

Bro Lary,
How long was it between the promise of the HolyGhost until the actual filling.?

Hi Falesa,
Thanks for writing with a good question for consideration. First of all, it's not really possible to give an exact time, because we don't have exact dates to look at. But I don't think that is what you are talking about anyway, so the second point is that it's a matter of how technical you want to be. The first mention of God stating that He would pour out His Spirit upon men is in Prov. 1:23, which is more than 950 years before His Spirit was first given. There are other promises in the old testament of God filling men with His Spirit, and they appear in this order: Isa. 44:3; Ezek. 11:19 & Ezek. 36:26; Ezek. 37:14; and Joel 2:28,29. These prophecies range between approximately 600 to 750 years before His Spirit was first given to indwell men, with the exception of Joel, whose prophecies we do not have a true time table for.

But my guess is that you are talking about the first mention of the holy Ghost being promised in the four gospels. In that case the correct answer would be about three and a half years, beginning with John's declaration that Jesus would "baptize with the holy Ghost," and culminating with the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost (Mat. 3:11; Mk. 1:8; Lk. 3:16; Acts 2:4). In Acts 1:4,5, Jesus confirmed this promise seven days before the Spirit was first sent to the 120. Some believe that the Spirit was given in Jn. 20:22, when Jesus breathed on His disciples and told them, "Receive ye the holy Ghost." But it should be noted that Jesus also stated in Jn. 16:7 that the Holy Ghost could not be given until He went away. And Jn. 7:37-39 confirms this same truth to us. His statement in Jn. 20:22 was actually a commandment, but could only be enacted after He went back to heaven. Anyway, I hope I covered enough ground to satisfy you with an answer to your question, and once again, thanks for writing. Have a wonderful New Year!

Hello Bro Lary,
I want to thank you for your website which has been a blessing to me as it teaches explicitly on the baptism of the holy Ghost.I thank God for His spirit in us which enables us live our lives in conformity with the kind of life christ requires.

In my bid to learn more about the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, I came across a website which i would like you to's When you get into the site, Click on Audio Bible to access a link at the bottom right of the screen which is titled "Captured by tongues". I would love to get your views. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Olufemi,
Thanks for writing. I'm glad our site has been a blessing to you. I pray continually for God to direct humble, honest hearts who are seeking Him for His truth, to our site. It's always great to hear from someone like yourself, to know that those prayers are being answered! I did go to the site you mentioned, and I read almost half of the article in question, and I can tell you that whoever wrote that article is really in a state of mass confusion. I could have quit reading the article after the first two or three paragraphs and known it was in grave error, but I continued on a bit, but I couldn't waste any more of my time on it. I would steer very clear of that site if I were you. I could write a book on why that article is so erroneous, but I'll just leave you a few links to articles of truth on my site, that will scripturally address the falsehoods contained in the article called "Captured By Tongues."

My foremost advice is for you to really seek God earnestly for Him to teach you by His Spirit the things that are true about Him and His gospel. Being taught by the Spirit of God is an absolute for believers, and the only way for anyone to know for themselves the things that are true, as well as the things that are false (Isa. 54:13; Jn. 14:26; Jn. 16:13; I Cor. 2:14,15; I Jn. 2:27; etc). And I can tell you, as one who has been graciously enabled to learn of God through His Spirit for over twenty six years, that almost everything that you will find on the internet, TV, radio, or any other outlet, is not true. We are living in the darkest hour in the history of the world, as well as the history of God's people; and It's going to take a total willingness, honesty, humility, faith, and perseverance, in order to escape the "strong delusion" that is just about in full bloom now (II Thess. 2:7,11,12).

The Apostle Paul warned the Corinthians about "another Jesus" being preached, as well as "another gospel;" and his concern was that they would accept such a thing from someone who seemed to be a minister of Christ, but in fact was a servant of the Devil (II Cor. 11:3,4,13-15). Well these things did take place, and have now been snowballing for almost two thousand years, until what we have today is that "other Jesus" posing universally as Christ Himself, and His gospel. That "other Jesus" is actually just the same old deceiving Devil masquerading as the Son of God, and "Christianity" is his disguise. God is calling His people out of Christianity, which is "Mystery Babylon" (meaning hidden [spiritual] Babylon), and out of all the confusing falsehoods that divide God's people from the love and unity that we have been called to (Jn. 17:22, Cor. 1:10). The mind of Christ is one mind, because the Spirit teaches all of God's people the same truths about Christ. But the problem is that errant ministers have unwittingly taught God's people away from the Spirit, and into the commandments and doctrines of men which are set forth and upheld by Christianity. My website is the result of many years of persevering in the true leading and teaching of the blessed Spirit of truth, and in the reproach of Christ that goes along with it (Philip. 3:10; II Tim. 3:12,13; etc.). Your correspondence and fellowship in Christ is always welcome and important here, so feel free to write anytime about anything that might be on your mind. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of the word that comes from God only!

my name is doug .i have been on your web site . i have been seeking the holyghost for years with the evidence of speaking in tongues. i have repented been baptized in His name but still waiting on the promise. i have had stammering lips for years but no tongues. could you help? blessings in the name of Jesus Christ.

Hi Doug,
It's great to hear from you! It sounds like you've either received the Spirit or have been about as close to it as possible. Isaiah said that the experience would come with "stammering lips," and/or "another tongue." I'm really wondering if maybe you've received it but just haven't been able to release it fully because you have it in your mind that things have to be a certain way. That is not at all an uncommon condition of people seeking for this glorious experience. If you've had stammering lips then you know that the way to receive the holy Ghost is through full repentance from sin and faith in Jesus. It's really a matter of us getting our will surrendered to God, in favor of Him doing His will with us. I would be curious to hear more about the experiences you've had with the Lord. If you feel like it, maybe we could speak over the phone sometime. Just keep seeking to draw closer to Jesus, and don't focus on speaking in tongues. The tongues will come, but they are actually the by-product or evidence of the experience, with the real experience being your spirit joining together with God's Spirit, by means of you giving yourself wholly to the Lord. And it's okay to desire to speak in tongues, but don't pray for the ability to do so. I hope that helps some, and I hope to hear back from you. I'll be praying for you. God bless.

i would like first to thank you for your kindness and generosity for making and sending all that good teaching and understanding on dvd. i have not finished the whole dvd but i do not lack much more. it is so good to hear so much teaching on that sweet HolyGhost. i believe peter and paul had the same gospel message on how to be saved. if i ask you brother lary what must i do to be saved what would be your answer according to scripture? i am anxiously awaiting to get to talk to you again. please leave me your phone # again so i could put it in my cell phone. may you and your family be blessed in the wonderful name of our saviour JESUS CHRIST.

Hey Doug!
Great to hear from you! Actually I've been thinking for a couple of weeks of getting back with you, and hopefully we'll be able to do that soon. As far as being saved, of course it can only be by believing on Jesus, as Paul told the Philippian jailer (Philip. 16:31). But the key to that is in realizing that there is an overall detailed understanding as to what believing on Jesus really means. If we don't look at the overall consistent evidence of the scriptures to determine what it means to believe on Jesus, then believing on Jesus can mean whatever anyone wants it to mean. But in reality, believing on Jesus first means receiving the holy Ghost (Jn. 7:37-39). And it also means obeying and living in the will of God afterward (James 2:14-26). And believing on Jesus means continuing to do the will of God until the end of one's life (Mat. 24:12,13).

Those are just a couple of notes on what it means to believe on Jesus and be saved. And even with those considerations, we have to look at a lot of things in the scriptures in order to define what the will of God is; but one scripture that I love on the subject is I Thess. 4:3, where it says "This is the will of God, even your sanctification." Sanctification is holiness, which is to say pureness of heart, or not having sin. The only way someone doesn't have sin is if first of all it's been washed ot of their heart by the power of the holy Ghost (I Cor. 6:11), and secondly if it is continuing to be washed away by the power of the holy Ghost! (I Tim. 5:22; I Jn. 3:1-3; Mat. 5:8). I'm leaving you a link to a short article on my website that lends a little more to the discussion of being saved.

The biggest error on the subject of being saved is that Christianity sets forth that a person "receives salvation" upon first believing on Jesus, whereas the Bible states consistently that salvation is the end reward of a life lived in faithfulness to Jesus after being born again (spirit baptized). Not only that, but Christianity's defining of believing on Jesus is really just a "think so faith," or a "told so faith," rather than what the Bible consistently sets forth as to what it means to truly believe on Jesus, as we've looked at already. It's a powerful subject to look at, and one must be completely willing to let God have His way in their life, in order to be able to understand the truth of the matter. I'll look forward to talking again when we get the chance. Take care and God bless.

blessings in Jesus name brother lary. thanks for your prompt reply i do agree with you on y our thoughts of easy believism. i think to believe on the Lord is much more than just a mental process. i just finished your last teaching program last night and it really got me to thinking. you said that Jesus was baptized by john to fulfill the law this is true but i never thought about water baptism being under the law. was up till almost 3am thinking about this understanding because i have noticed you never require water baptism in your reply to being born again and on any of your teaching. i think your very sincere about your belief. please help me to understand is it required to be water baptized? i thought peter and paul taught this in acts2:38, acts8:16,10:48,19 1-6,22:16 please help. thanks

Hi Again Doug,
I'm linking you to an article that I posted on my site a couple of years ago, that actually began as a reply to someone making the same inquiry. And I'm also going to leave you a link to one of my online Bible studies that covers a lot of that ground as well. I'm glad to hear you were really thinking on these things. Understanding the truth on these matters can go a long way toward delivering one from the delusive religious spirits that dominate the age that we live in, and unfortunately the minds of God's people as well. If we want to honor only Jesus, and the things that He came here and endured, then we can only uphold the things that He died for. Anything that could be done, in terms of worship, before Jesus died, rose, and ascended to heaven; have been fulfilled by what He did have to suffer and die for. This is how we give all honor to Jesus for what He lived and died for. In short, nothing apart from the power of the holy Ghost has anything to do with the new testament, because in fact the holy Ghost IS the new testament! (Rom. 1:16; Jer. 31:31-33; Heb. 10:15,16; II Cor. 3:2,3; Mk.1:14; Rom. 14:17) Don't rely on what you've been taught, but just seek the Lord in all things Doug; and if you want what He has for you, He will lead and guide you into all truth. Good to hear from you, and I'll look forward to talking soon.

Acts 2:38 And The Truth on Baptism

The Worship of God in Spirit And Truth

I want to ask about baptism of the Holy Ghost.
I was born again late in 1995 and baptised in water at the beginning of '96. Everything about my life changed: my likes, dislikes, desires in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Jesus healed me of smoking. He gave me a hunger and thirst for righteousness...etc. But, I did not speak in tongues. I received a spirit of repentance and joy. I had realized that I did not know Jesus after hearing the Bible verse that says "they will say to me in that day..., but I will say I never knew you"...I told Jesus I wanted him to know me and me to know him. I was filled with joy and then a sense of my own lowliness, etc I repented untill I felt clear.

I have never questioned my salvation and rebirth, but was taught against tongues at that time. I now realize I am missing out on a part of the Spirit that is a blessing and something I need. How do I go about receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues at this point?
Thank you for your help, Christine

Hi Christine,
Thanks for writing. I'm really glad to hear of the wonderful
experiences that you've had with the Lord. There's no doubting the
genuineness of your experiences, and the joy you've received in it
all. I experienced many like things before I was baptized with the
holy Ghost many years ago myself, so I know where you're coming from.
In order to be filled with the Spirit, you really just need to go a
little further in the same exact direction that brought you to these
other experiences. In other words, just seek to fully yield yourself
to God, and be willing for Him to have His way in all things in your
life. If there's anything that you feel you may be putting before the
Lord, or anyone for that matter, just let go fully from your heart and
He'll fill you like never before. God wants all of you, and He will
not allow any competitors for first place in your heart. Some of this
may sound like I'm telling you to go somewhere that you've already
been, but nonetheless there may still be ground to cover in these
areas. We don't know our own hearts the way God does, and sometimes
things can be hindering us that we haven't really considered to be a

I would like for you to read the links that I'm posting below, in
regard to some things that you mentioned about the new birth
experience, speaking in tongues, etc. I wish you all the best and will
be praying for you as well. I can see that you are sincere and I know
that God cares much for you, so don't be discouraged. You're welcome
to write anytime, and if you feel that you would like to hear some
really good stuff on the holy Ghost baptism, I would be glad to make a
DVD for you of several of our TV broadcasts. If you decide you would
like them, just let me know and send me a mailing address. God bless,
and take care.
Lary Hale

I know I've had an experience with the Lord...

The Token

The Bible mentions the laying on of hands. You don't think this is
necessary? Have you heard about John G Lake? He wanted the baptism of the
Holy Ghost and fasted for 9 months to get it. (I assume it was off and
on)..We don't hear about amazing things being done in churches today..great
healings or whatever. Do you think people are still getting the Holy Ghost
power that happened in Acts?

Hi Again Christine,
Yes I know that people are still receiving the same holy Ghost and power as in the book of Acts, because that's what I've got! It's all about coming to that place of complete surrender and faith toward God in the heart. And yes, I'm certain that the man you mentioned was fasting on and off, because I'm sure it's not humanly possible to fast nine months. Fasting is good, depending on the attitude of heart it's done in. If it is done just to demonstrate to God that we mean business about getting in touch with Him, then I think it's a great thing. However, there are many cases where people are fasting in vain, and the Bible addresses this as well (Isa. 58:4,5; Mat. 6:16-18). I've prayed people through to receiving the holy Ghost by laying on of hands, and seen many other instances of the same; as well as many who have received this experience apart from the laying on of hands. I've also seen, ministered, and received many miraculous things through the power of the holy Ghost, so I know that it's the same Spirit as was received in the book of Acts. But the greatest thing about the holy Ghost, and the most miraculous as well, is that it is the love of God; which is a divine, holy love apart from and much greater than any love this world knows (Rom. 5:5). Learning and abiding in the truth that the Spirit of God teaches, has enabled me to grow in that love, and made me able to fulfill the things that Jesus taught and commanded.

The reason we don't see the kind of consistent prevailing miracles in the body of Christ today, as was the case in the book of Acts, is because the body of Christ is devoid of the truth and unity that is in the Spirit (Hos. 4:1,6). A house divided cannot stand, and that is why there is so much affliction, sickness, and lack of true godly love today (Isa. 1:6-8). The holy Ghost is the mind, life, and nature of the Father and the Son, and if one learns of the Spirit and abides therein, then he/she will grow into the mind of Christ, and develop in His nature (I Jn. 2:27). The calling of the body of Christ is to be "one," in the same way that the Father and Son are "one" (Jn. 17:22); i.e. to be in the same mind, understanding, and nature with one another through the Spirit (I Cor. 1:10). This is the only way that God's people can bring due glory to Jesus. That door is open to you Christine, and you shouldn't let anything or anyone stand in that door to prevent you from going through it. God wants to bless you mightily, even above what you've already experienced. This ministry is all about promoting the true fellowship (unity) of the body of Christ, through the establishment of the real truth of God among God's people. I hope I can be of service to your faith in our Savior and Lord, Jesus. God bless you much.

P.S. I don't know if you've seen my testimony on my website, but if you haven't, it might help you in some way. Hearing how others have received this glorious experience really enhances faith to receive it yourself. Also you don't have to be in a worship service or anything like that to receive this. You can receive it anywhere that you happen to be able to make the connection in your heart. Many people find that listening to their favorite gospel music helps them to pray and get closer to God in that way.

A Lost Sheep Found
The True Oneness of God

how do I recieve salvation and will speaking in tounges come with that

Thanks for writing. What you want is to experience the new birth. Salvation is what is received after one has completed a faithful life of service to Jesus, after having been born again (I Pet. 1:3-9). The baptism of the holy Ghost is the new birth, and it always is accompanied by speaking with other tongues. The way to receive this experience is really simplistic, but often times we as people want to complicate it. It comes through a full repentance from all sin, and from one's own will; and total faith in Jesus to take away our sins. When God, Who alone knows the hearts of men, sees that our faith and repentance is full; we will be baptized with His Spirit, and the sign of tongues will just come. You don't want to seek for tongues, but rather to just draw closer to God. Don't be confused by the doctrines and traditions of men, but just commit your cause to the Lord in all honesty and faith, He will lead you in the right way. Let me know if I can be of further service.God bless.

Lary Hale

P.S. I'm leaving you a link to my testimony which tells how I received it. I hope it's a blessing to you in some way.

A Lost Sheep Found

Hi Christine,
I was just going through my recent emails, and after looking at our exchange I felt like following up and seeing how things are going for you. If you have looked closely at the links I left for you, then no doubt you realize that what I'm teaching is not something you will find often, if at all. I do believe and appreciate all the things that you have experienced through your faith in Jesus. Often times people in your position feel that what I'm teaching is trying to take something away from them that they know they have experienced. But to the contrary I am actually trying to add to your experience. The true new birth all comes down to when a person receives the Spirit of God, as is evidently set forth by the scriptures (I Cor. 6:11; Rom. 8:9; etc.).

Many people like yourself have been taught that they have received the holy Ghost and subsequently been born again, because they have experienced initial deliverance from habits and such. But this teaching, regardless of how widely accepted of men that it is, is in error. Jesus informed His disciples when He was with them that the Spirit was with them, but not yet in them (Jn. 14:17). He also told them that their spiritual condition at that time was likened unto a woman with a child conceived in the womb, but not yet born (Jn. 16:21,22). The holy Ghost being with a person is very real, and being conceived of the Spirit before being born, is certainly real as well. There's no disputing the validity of having true spiritual experiences before actually being born again. Cornelius the Roman centurion in Acts 10 was said to be devout, and prayed always to the true God; and even had a visitation from an angel of the Lord who informed him that his prayers were heard and recognized by God. Nevertheless he and his people had not received the Spirit until Peter came and preached unto them. The Samaritans in Acts 8 experienced miraculous healings and deliverances through faith in Jesus, and also had great joy; but they still had not received the holy Ghost until Peter and John came and prayed for them.

I know you are sincere because you wouldn't have written if you weren't. Just don't be persuaded about doctrine because it's what is widely accepted. That has always been a pitfall to God's people. If you feel that you absolutely have to know the truth of the matter, then just really commit your cause and petition to the Lord, and He has ways of manifesting what is the truth. I do care about your concern, and you're welcome to correspond if you like; though this writing is not being sent to make you feel obligated to do so. If I don't hear from you, I won't write again. I wish you well, and God bless.

Lary Hale

Thank you for your encouragement. I am still seeking God about this. I am also still reading your website. I understand what you are saying. I want as much of God as I can get. I am not holding anything back..he has all of me. He has used me in the past with others and I continue to grow in my relationship with Him, but I want more. However, my main focus has been to get my husband saved/born-again. He doesn't mind the Christian focus around here, but doesn't prefer the things of God for himself.
Many blessings to you. I will continue on this path of seeking till I get the desires of my heart. In Him, Christine

"For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, ..."
(I Cor.12:13)

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