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'Another Jesus'

In II Cor. 11:4 the Apostle Paul warned God's people about receiving "another Jesus" other than the one he preached to them, as well as "another spirit," and "another gospel." This tract focuses on how the congregations in Christ at that time did just that, and how that Christianity is that other gospel about that other Jesus; and was contrived by that other spirit.

'True Divine Prosperity'

This tract is about the true definition of divine prosperity as defined by the Spirit of God, with absolute confirmation and affirmation of the Scriptures. You will see that God's definition of prosperity is quite unlike the popular prosperity doctrine that is so prevalent in the gospel of Christianity.

'The Love Of Money'

This is a very revealing article concerning the true understanding of what the love of money really is, and the only way of staying free from it. We will see in this tract that the love of money runs much deeper than merely the pursuit of lavish wealth and pleasures. This is really potent gospel truth.

'The Valley of Hinnom'

This tract deals with the deeply sobering reality of the Lake of Fire, which is the final fate of all who do not submit to the will of God while here on Earth. The Scriptures will reveal to us many astounding details about this place of eternal punishment, including it's eternal location.

'The Divine Transition'

This tract is closely related to the message in 'Another Jesus,' and shows how that God moved from the Jews to the Gentiles, and how that He raised up the Apostle Paul to send him to the Gentiles with the message of the fulfillment of the law, which message had not been revealed to the twelve apostles who had been preaching only to Jews.

'Who Will Be Saved?'

This is an extremely integral message about the true Scriptural understanding that the promise of eternal life is a conditional promise, and that Salvation is to be received after a faithful life has been completed, rather than at the beginning of one's faith in Jesus.

'The Sovereignty Of God'

In this tract we will see that God is utterly sovereign simply because He is the Creator of all that exists, and also what this sovereignty really means to the lives of His people, when coupled with His infinite love and wisdom.

'What Is The Gospel?'

This is an article which plainly shows us the real simplicity of the Gospel of Christ as defined by the Scriptures; what it is, and how man has managed to make something out of it that suits his own terms, while failing to meet God's terms of true repentance and faith toward Jesus.

'One Faith'

This tract deals with the scriptural reality that God has ordained but one faith, and that He neither recognizes or accepts any other. We will see exactly what the one faith is, and how the acknowledgment thereof dispels all of Christianity's supposed faiths.

'The Mind Of The Spirit'

In this tract we will see what it really means to be spiritually minded, and how we obtain the mind of the Spirit, or the mind of Christ. We will also see that the mind of the Spirit is something altogether different than the religious mindset of Christianity.

'The Conversion Of The Samaritans'

This is an article that illustrates the reality of what the new birth is, by giving us a biblically recorded event wherein we are shown just how a number of people went through the new birth process. This rock-solid truth brings down the curtain on all of the supposed new birth teachings that are so widely upheld today.

'Justified By Faith'

Like 'The Conversion Of The Samaritans,' this tract shows us the real truth about being justified by faith, through a Bible event where we can graphically see exactly how a number of people came to be justified by faith. What happened with Cornelius and his household, and what Peter had to say about it later, shows that being justified takes more than a 'think-so faith,' or a 'told-so faith', as is commonly accepted today.


'The Faith of Rahab'

This powerful article deals with the scriptural and spiritual reality that Salvation is not based on faith alone, but on what we do about our faith after we are born again. As James mentions in his book, Rahab the harlot demonstrated her faith in God by hiding Joshua's spies from the king's men of Jericho, and thus her faith was proven by her works.


'Grace and Holiness'

In this tract we see how that "saved by grace" is one of the most abused and misunderstood biblical phrases of all. Unlike Christianity's version of grace, where we are all said to be "sinners saved by grace," but still sinners nonetheless; the true grace of God instills true godly holiness (pureness of heart) into those who truly receive it, and is well able to keep them that way!


"For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, ..."
(I Cor.12:13)

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