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 1.)  The Witness of Speaking With Other Tongues

 2.)  The Baptism of The Holy Ghost From Jesus

 3.)  Receiving The Holy Ghost

 4.)  Continuing in The Word of God

 5.)  The Remission of Sins

 6.)  When Were Jesus' Disciples Born Again?
 7.)  Having The Love of God
The Power of The Old Testament

 9.)  The Fear of God

 10.) The Power of The Personal Testimony

 11.) The Value of Sound Doctrine

"For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, ..."
(I Cor.12:13)

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Scripture Link Articles
Witness of Tongues
Holy Ghost Baptism
Receiving Holy Ghost
Continuing in Word
Remission of Sins
Disciples Born Again
Having Love of God
Old Testament Power
The Fear of God