Test Your Bible Knowledge About Cain & Abel and The Pre-Flood Patriarchs

Choose one (option button) answer for each question, then select the "Check Your Answers" button at the end of the quiz.

Be sure to read up on the scripture references provided, after finishing and grading the quiz. Some require scrolling to the right to see. Enjoy!

1.) The Bible tells us that Cain was a
a.) man of great stature
b.) mentally inferior man
c.) tiller of the ground
d.) a and b, but not c

2.) We see in the Bible that Cain's offering was rejected by God because
a.) he hadn't prayed before offering
b.) Abel brought his offering first
c.) it wasn't a blood offering
d.) he was following after sin in his life

3.) What does the Bible say that Cain was doing with Abel before he killed him?
a.) spying on him
b.) stalking him
c.) talking with him
d.) a and b, but not c

4.) God's punishment for Cain included
a.) being cursed from the earth
b.) receiving little from the earth after he had labored to till the ground
c.) becoming a vagabond in the earth
d.) all of the above

5.) God said that if anyone killed Cain, vengeance would be taken on them
a.) before sunset
b.) sevenfold
c.) by a destroying angel
d.) none of the above

6.) Which of the following men was born unto Adam and Eve as a replacement seed for Abel?
a.) Seth
b.) Enos
c.) Methuselah
d.) Enoch

7.) The scripture states that after the birth of this man, men began to call on the name of the LORD.
a.) Jared
b.) Noah
c.) Mahalaleel
d.) Enos

8.) Which of the following men was the father of Enoch?
a.) Methuselah
b.) Jared
c.) Noah
d.) Cainan

9.) Which of these men was the son of Enoch?
a.) Lamech
b.) Noah
c.) Methuselah
d.) none of the above

10.) Beside being translated, what does Genesis chapter 5 tell us that Enoch did? 
a.) He built more altars to God than anyone else.
b.) He walked with God.
c.) He continually made blood offerings.
d.) all of the above

11.) The Bible clearly states that Cain was older than Abel.
True False

12.) The Scripture states that both Cain and Abel worshipped God.
True False

13.) God told Cain that he would have had authority over Abel if Cain's offering had  been accepted.
True False

14.) God placed a cheribum with a flaming sword at Cain's side so that nobody would kill him.
True False

15.) The Bible says that after Cain went out from the Lord's presence he dwelt in the land of Uz.
True False

16.) The Bible clearly states that Adam begat both sons and daughters.
True False

17.) The Bible shows that Lamech was the longest living man.
True False

18.) The Bible shows us that Adam was the second longest living man.
True False

19.) We are told in Genesis chapter 5 that Methuselah was the father of Noah.
True False

20.) The scripture says that Noah begat three sons.
True False


"For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, ..."
(I Cor.12:13)

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